What you didn't know about your gym yet

What you didn't know about your gym yet

Your Gym and You

In 2021, there were around 9,400 fitness studios in Germany alone, with around 9.26 million members registered. (By the way: The number of gym members has been declining sharply since 2019!).

Have you ever thought about the hygiene in your gym? Probably since the pandemic a bit more than before. But surely you don't really know how unhygienic your gym can actually be. Below we would like to give you five things to think about on your way to your next gym visit. The data comes from a studio of the equipment manufacturer Fit Rated. Swabs were taken on 27 pieces of equipment at three different gyms, and the information was compiled to determine the amount and varieties of bacteria on three common pieces of equipment: Treadmill, exercise bike and free weights.

Number one: The concentration of bacteria

Let's start with the basics - comparing the cleanliness of fitness equipment to other items in public use - and then move on to what you should (and shouldn't) actually be worried about. Ready?

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  • 39 times more bacteria were found on a treadmill than on a reusable plastic bread tray.
  • On average, a spinning bike had 79 times more bacteria than a faucet.
  • And free weights had 362 times more bacteria than a public toilet.

That's tough, but actually not surprising considering how many (unwashed) hands touch the free weights and other fitness equipment every day. 


(You knew there was a "but" coming, right?) Before you swear off weightlifting forever and commit to a life of narrow shoulders and weak arms, let's talk about the different types of bacteria found in the study, because pay attention: Bacteria are incredibly important to human survival. The desire for a hygienic, scrubbed, "bacteria-free" life has led to the fact that we are now faced with drug-resistant superbugs, dear people. We come into contact with bacteria all the time, and that's not always a bad thing.

Number two: The type of bacteria in the gym

The present study tested four main types of bacteria: Gram-positive cocci, Gram-negative rods, Gram-positive rods, and Bacillus. Here are the results of the tests:

 portance antibacterial sportswear

Let's take a closer look at the type of bacteria: Bacillus is found in nature, especially in soil, and there are a number of strains, some of which are pleasant for humans, others are not. Gram-positive rods - not scary either. See, already halfway there!

The Gram-negative rods are the ones to really be wary of. 90 to 95 percent of them are harmful to humans, and unfortunately, they make up nearly a third of the bacteria found on fitness equipment. Gram-positive cocci aren't quite as scary, but they are a major cause of skin infections and pneumonia; they accounted for about 40 percent of the bacteria wiped off.

Conclusion: Hygiene is also (and especially) important in the gym

Yeah, the last paragraph reads really hard. So wash your hands after a workout, take a shower, and please: Wipe down the equipment before and after use!

And hey, you're still alive and still totally fine! Just practice good hygiene, and, uh, maybe take up yoga if you want to say goodbye to free weights forever. (But remember to keep your mat clean).

Remember also that all portance products are antibacterial and odor resistant. Through our biotechnology, our thoughtful sports fashion can eliminate 100% safely and sustainably all kinds of (odor-causing) germs and bacteria, thus also providing protection against the disease-causing bacteria.

Take our magnetic sportsTowel, for example : thanks to biotechnology, far fewer bacteria from the bench or other equipment get into your face. So your towel eliminates not only your own sweaty odor-causing bacteria, but all other surface bacteria as well. Our independent lab tests show a 99.99% bacteria reduction over equivalent untreated fabrics.

Learn more about our technology, how it works and how we perform our tests. You have further questions about this topic? Then just send me a short mail!

Sporting greetings,

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Dominic Hammann portance

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