The history of Portance & the removal of disruptive effects.

The history of Portance & the removal of disruptive effects.

My story

As a shy teenager with a lanky figure, who is also often ostracized and teased, I start regular training in a gym at the age of 16.

And without really noticing it at the time, the new sports routine is slowly changing my life & leaving a lasting positive mark on me. This is my own personal story, which ultimately led to the founding of portance.

Already after a few weeks you can see the first progress of the strength exercises. My appearance is changing, my figure is becoming more consistent, my posture more upright. Many positive reactions from family and friends give me a previously unknown self-confidence and create unaccustomed confidence in myself and my achievements. Sport in the gym and a healthy life becomes my great hobby. Since then, strength training has been an impetus for me to make positive changes, both physically and mentally.

Corporate job, everyday life & sports

Training routine and workout accompany me until today as an important part of life & still help me to lead a self-determined, fit & healthy life.

Over time, however, it became increasingly difficult to integrate the gym into the demanding daily routine. First the studies, then as a young professional at a corporation often on the road, almost always in stress and long working days in the office. In 2019, I then decide, as I did when I started weight training, to make a new self-awareness. I want to discover what else is inside me and realize my founder's dream. For me, this is a liberating decision for self-employment and the risky but self-determined life of a founder.  

Absolute focus

My goal: to unite sport & profession as best I can. The idea of a sports fashion label is born, which should be more than simple fast-fashion sports fashion off the rack. Fitness was and is the key for me to find my own way and to inspire other people. It's also about being a 'forward thinker', progressively looking ahead. Of course, there are obstacles in your way, whether at work, in sports or in everyday life. Then maybe sometimes you need a 'helper'; a little drive that removes the known disruptive effects. This way you can also flow', i.e. to be absolutely focused on the task at hand.

And this is exactly where we want to support you with our well thought-out sports fashion. Everything should be playfully simple, we eliminate the disruptive effects of the demanding everyday life & the training we eliminate. Portance enables the optimal focus - whether at work, in the family or during sports. As the founder, I know both worlds (the demanding everyday job and a hard, focused workout). With Portance we want to give you the boost that it sometimes takes to find your (true) own own way. For the perfect focus, without distractions, without compromises.  

How? You no longer have to worry about the unpleasant smell of sweat or the high concentration of bacteria on the weight bench when wearing our sportswear. With our integrated Fuze biotechnology, we eliminate all that and ensure a truly pleasant and hygienic workout. A real psychological relief. And also our details like hidden gymcard slots and the magnetic sports towel provide the right workout flow, without the known barriers & interferers.

Our product promise

And that's our promise to you, which we aim to keep with every single product:

We understand your demanding everyday life & know everything about sports & training in the gym. Our fashion allows you to finally combine both seamlessly. We take the pressure off you for an uncompromising focus on what's most important.


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