Time for a change.

Sustainable & fair production conditions in Europe, the future location. This is a given for us. Not a marketing or sales pitch. Products from Europe are real handwork at fair wages. We are happy to accept higher production prices in order to make the sports fashion market smarter, cleaner and more innovative. And to give the people who work on our products a fair income.

No fast fashion.

With Portance we want to create innovative sports fashion without putting an additional burden on our planet. We focus on social and ecological aspects right from the start by using innovative, sustainable biotechnology and environmentally friendly materials. The complete traceability of our supply chain is a matter of good business practice for us.

Our Social Responsibility

Natural biotechnology


100% safe

Fuze' ™ stable nanoparticles kill mechanically and are never 'used up'. This enables permanent, non-leaching and 100% safe protection. The silver particles are non-ionic, meaning they are not chemically charged. FUZE is ÖkoTex100 certified.

100% chemical-free

Fuze™ is non-chemical as it uses only non-ionic natural silver particles that are harmless to you and the environment. Competing products still rely on ionic (i.e. charged) silver ions. These can penetrate the skin and even cause argyria. They also change the chemical composition of the water (think of the waste water from your laundry).

0% waste

Compared to other anti-odor treatments, Fuze™ uses much less product. To be precise: only 8.7mg of product per liter of water is used. It is made in the distilled water in which it is stored and used. In the manufacturing process, neither water nor resources are wasted.

  • biofibers

    The main raw material of our first collection is organic cotton grown in Turkey or India. Organic means that no pesticides are used during cultivation and thus the cultivation soil, the groundwater and also the plantation workers on site are protected. The further processing to our portance fabrics takes place exclusively in certified European companies in Poland.

  • Artificial Fibers

    In contrast to organic fibres, many artificial fibers consume significantly less water in production and no valuable farmland is required in emerging countries. But synthetic fibers such as polyester are plastic fibers that are still made from the non-renewable raw material crude oil. portance uses exclusively recycled polyester, which is made into yarn from old PET bottles. Here, too, the further processing of our fabrics only takes place in our European partner factories.

  • Biotech

    It's already in the name: portance treated with Fuze™ is a natural, chemical-free BIOtechnology. This is not harmful, never leaches out and has no impact on people or the environment. A minimal amount of real gold and non-ionic silver particles and 99.9% distilled water are used. Fuze™ is applied using a patented misting process that uses very little product and water. After the process, no water is wasted or sent down the drain.

  • Add-Ons

    Labels, buttons, tags, cords, envelopes. Where many others stop, we have foresight. Because all these add-ons are also part of our products. Where possible, we use materials from the (textile) recycling cycle. The following product add-ons are recycled at portance:

    ⌗ logo patch techJoggers
    ⌗ nylon zippers
    ⌗ cord techJoggers
    ⌗ washing labels< br/>⌗ size labels
    ⌗ paper tags
    ⌗ product bags

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