"Portance" - the French word for 'upward force'.

To provide some kind of 'lift', to make the transitions between demanding professional life and focused training as smooth, as easy, as fluid as possible, that is our mission. 

Nothing should interfere, everything should be playfully simple.

 But why in French? We are not French, actually we are even quite German with our claim to always offer thoughtful functionality.
But that's not all. Portance is not just any functional clothing. Portance is also fashion in which you like to show yourself - Portance is also urban stylishness, confidence & aesthetics. Portance is the urban sports look. 

And what could be more natural than a bow to the country that stands for all this like no other? 

English? Sure, that would be obvious. Somehow too close. And the question: English again? (By the way, 'portance' would be called "lift", like the apple juice spritzers from Atlanta). No, Portance has more uniqueness, originality, more meaning and sound.


Portance is the fabric of urban & innovative athleisurewear for the sports-conscious man.