Our promise to you, which we aim to keep with every single product:

"We understand your demanding everyday life. Our technology-driven sportswear allows you to seamlessly transition between work and sporting activity. We take the pressure off you for an uncompromising focus on the most important things. Every portance™ product is rethought to eliminate the disruptive effects we know through sustainable biotechnology and innovative digital technologies - before, during & after training."

"The story of portance begins with my personal experiences."

As a shy teenager with a lanky figure, who is also often ostracized and teased, I start regular training in a gym at the age of 16. And without really noticing it at the time, the new sports routine very slowly changes my life & leaves a lasting positive mark on me.

Over time, however, it became increasingly difficult to integrate the gym into the demanding daily routine. The idea of a sports fashion label was born, which should be more than simple fast-fashion sports fashion off the rack. Everything should be playfully simple and eliminate the disruptive effects of the demanding everyday life & training.

In 2019, I will decide, as I did when I started weight training, to make a new self-experience. I want to discover what else is inside me and realize my dream of founding a company. For me, a liberating decision for self-employment and the risky but self-determined life of a founder.

This is my own personal story, which ultimately led to the founding of portance.

Dominic Hammann

Sports fashion for a better future

With portance™, we want to create innovative sports fashion without putting additional strain on our planet. We go one step further to secure the future of the planet by massively reducing the carbon footprint of our sports fashion. We combine innovative textile technologies and digital technologies with environmentally friendly raw materials.



Portance Biotechnologie uses water-based minerals that have no negative effects on the environment or humans. FUZE™ Technologies is OekoTex100 certified.


Chemical free

Portance treated with FUZE™ does not use surfactants or chemical binders. The patented silver particle is not chemically charged.


Fit for the future

All Portance products can reduce the CO2 fashion footprint at consumer level by washing less and reduce microplastic abrasion.

Fabrics & Materials


The main raw material of our first collection is organic organic cotton, which is grown in Turkey or India. Organic means that no pesticides are used in the cultivation and thus the cultivation soil, the groundwater & also the plantation workers on site are protected. The further processing to our portance fabrics takes place exclusively in certified European factories in Poland.

Artificial fibers

Although many man-made fibers, unlike organic fibers, consume considerably less water in production and do not require precious farmland in emerging countries, synthetic fibers such as polyester are platsic fibers that are still obtained from the non-renewable raw material petroleum. At portance, we only use polyester from the recycling loop , which is made into yarn from old PET bottles. The further processing to our fabrics only takes place in our European partner factories.


Labels, buttons, tags, cords, mailing bags. Where many others stop, we have foresight. Because all these add-ons are also part of our products. Where possible, we use materials from the (textile) recycling loop . The following product add-ons are recycled at portance:

Logo patch (techJoggers), nylon zippers, cord (techJoggers), wash labels, size labels, paper tags, product pockets.

Patented biotechnology

Washing sportswear after just one wear is not a must. All our products contain the advanced & innovative treatment with Fuze™ Technologies for long-lasting, sustainable protection against odors & bacteria. So you can train comfortably right to the end and we take the constant washing off your hands.

More about FUZE™


Eliminates unpleasant odors of perspiration


Eliminates all types of germs & odor-causing bacteria

Hyper Evaporation

For less sweat & moisture soaked clothes

UV protection

For long lasting fiber quality

Handmade in Europe

Handmade in Europe

We appreciate the production location Europe. As a German StartUp we love the short distances and the direct, personal contact to our partners & suppliers in the middle of Europe.

portance is manufactured in a family-run textile factory in Poland that specializes in sports fashion. Every single product is handmade quality work of seamstresses, some of whom have been working for our partner company for more than 30 years.

The traditional company is an example of how sustainable textile production in Europe can function fairly & ethically. We appreciate the personal & family contact and regularly visit our partner near Warsaw.

We are happy to accept higher production prices in order to make the sports fashion market smarter, cleaner and more innovative. And to give the people who work on our products a fair income.

We are proud to know & self-select every single supplier from our textile value chain. Whether it's the manufacturers of our recycled logo patches, wash labels and recycled nylon zippers, or the supplier of our biodegradable product shipping bags. We care about details and want to know where our product ingredients come from and what materials are used.

We also have a very good transparency of our textile value chain. The world map shows where the raw materials & components for portance sports fashion are produced.

Supply Chain & Production


  • FUZE™ Biotech


  • Product hangtags
  • YKK buttons
  • Shipping bags


  • Fabric production
  • Tailoring
  • Cords, labels
  • Zippers
  • Logo patches


  • Towel production
  • Organic cotton


  • Textile magnets
  • Recycled polyester


  • Organic cotton

portance pov

"We think that if you appreciate innovative sports fashion as much as we do, then you are interested in more than just style. You start to really care about what fashion does to our planet; where and how products are made. We want to use innovative technology to show that there is an alternative to the fast fashion marketing giants in the sports fashion world. Think about how much you as a consumer can contribute to sustainability!"

Your Impact

66% - This is the proportion of the environmental impact of clothing that takes place at the consumer level. That is, directly at you, after you have bought a garment.

According to the European Commission, washing, drying and ironing are the three most important factors that contribute to CO2 emissions during the use phase of your clothes.

But we have great news: With our smart Athletic Wear, you have the opportunity to really make a difference here. It's simple: you need to wash our products much less & you can wear them much longer.

You save time, water & electricity and generate less waste.

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