Award-winning outdoor innovation

the merinoTech

"Anti-odor" technology

Eliminates odor-causing bacteria and thus sweat odors

Smart functions

Innovative features designed for hassle-free workouts

100% future

Innovative technologies for a better tomorrow

Made in Europe

Designed in Germany, Made in Europe

See it in action

Every Portance product uses innovative technologies from the fields of design, digital and biotech to support you in your demanding everyday life.

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Umso überraschter waren wir, als sich das Shirt, oder besser gesagt sein Stoff, als locker und wunderbar luftig herausstellte
The idea consists of a fresh combination of innovative elements
For anyone who loves gadgets as much as the outdoors, the merinoTech jacket is a tech lover's dream come true. It's the Iron Man suit of outdoor clothing!
With this sportswear hygienic training becomes possible.
Essen invention: Smart sports jacket starts favorite music

German Design made in Europe

Our goal: Ethical sports fashion that is 'fit' for the future. Innovative athletic wear that makes it as easy as possible for you & that people love to wear. Read more about portance, our founder story and our vision of technology-based sports fashion.

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What our customers say


Still 100% fresh

I have been wearing the portance outfit without washing since I got it and it is still 100% fresh!


Still wears like new

Even though I wore the t-shirt several times, it doesn't smell at all and still wears like new. I'm really happy I bought it, it's worth every penny. I am happy to recommend you guys!


Very pleasant

Got it! Feels very pleasant on the skin!


Works great for my daily workout

The quality is first class and the materials feel pleasant on the skin. The fit is perfect and allows unrestricted freedom of movement during training.


Extremely pleasant

The T-shirt is yes extremely comfortable to wear!


All around satisfied

A high level of comfort, short drying times, long freshness and useful stowage options. The total package makes all around satisfied.


The first technology-driven fashion start-up that develops sports fashion that secures our future.


Fit for the future