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Rethinking Focus.

Each Portance product is redesigned from the ground up to give you absolute focus. We eliminate all disruptive effects - before, during & after training.

  • Antibacterial

    Eliminates all types of germs & odor-causing bacteria

  • Odor resistent

    Eliminates unpleasant sweat odors

  • UV protection

    For long-lasting fiber quality

  • Hyper evaporation

    For less sweat and moisture-soaked clothing

  • Smart design

    Innovative features designed for disruption-free workouts

  • Slow Fashion

    Sustainable athletic wear produced in Europe

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Kickstarter Campaign

  • "Noch 100% frisch"

    "Ich trage das portance Outfit ohne zu Waschen seitdem ich es bekommen habe und es ist noch immer zu 100% frisch!"

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    "Got it! Fühlt sich sehr angenehm auf der Haut an!"

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    "Ein Hoher Tragekomfort, kurze Trocknungszeiten, lange Frische und sinnvolle Verstaumöglichkeiten. Das Gesamtpaket macht rundum zufrieden.“ 

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  • "Trägt sich noch wie neu"

    "Obwohl ich das T-Shirt mehrere Male getragen habe, riecht es überhaupt nicht und trägt sich immer noch wie neu. Ich bin wirklich glücklich, dass ich es gekauft habe, es ist jeden Cent wert. Ich empfehle euch gerne weiter!"

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At Portance we pay great attention to detail. Our sports fashion is therefore redesigned from the ground up and nothing is left to chance. Our design features provide useful functionality for the athlete without sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of urban activewear. Portance enables efficient workouts that can be seamlessly integrated into your demanding everyday life.

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Innovative biotechnology

Portance is equipped with a permanent silver & gold particle layer that repels bacteria & viruses. As a result, our textiles also neutralize unpleasant sweat odors. The application of the patented Fuze™ biotechnology also brings with it a multitude of additional innovative properties.

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Slowfashion made in Europe


100% safe

Portance Biotechnology uses water-based minerals that have no negative effects on the environment or humans

100% chemical-free

Portance Technology does not use surfactants or chemical binders.

FUZE biotechnology targets only the odor-causing bacteria and fungi that come in contact with the treated materials. There are no harmful effects on humans or the environment

100 % sustainable

All Portance products are GOTS certified, the world's leading textile standard for organic fibers.

FUZE is very efficient and long-lasting. It uses only a minimal amount of active ingredients and the textiles are treated as zero-waste applications.

How much can you save?

We have done the math for you! See how much you can really save in one year with smart sports fashion from portance. It is easy: No odor-building means less washing, less energy and water consumption and more time for other things!

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