FUZE™ Technologies

Washing sportswear after just one wear is not a must. All our products include the advanced & innovative Fuze™ Technologies treatment for long-lasting, sustainable protection against odors & bacteria. So you'll have a comfortable workout until the end.


Eliminates unpleasant odors of perspiration


Eliminates all types of germs & odor-causing bacteria

Thermal cooling

Innovative features designed for hassle-free workouts

Hyper Evaporation

For less sweat & moisture soaked clothes

UV protection

For long lasting fiber quality


NFC technology

YKK®'s TouchLink®

The innovative zipper of our merino vest is made possible by Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which serves as an access point to the "digital dimension" when touched with a smartphone. 

This is accomplished by incorporating an NFC chip into a durable, molded TPU zipper designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. 

Always On

The technology is always active, has no moving parts and does not require a battery.

Zero Friction

The smart integration requires neither a power source nor an additional app on your smartphone.

Accepted Standard

TouchLink® technology works with any modern, NFC-enabled smartphone without any problems.

Antimicrobial test

In order to guarantee you the innovative portance™ properties, we test our textiles in detail using independent laboratory tests in accordance with international standards. This is how we ensure that our textiles deliver what we promise.

When testing the effectiveness of non-leaching antimicrobial agents on textiles, a previously added microbe concentration is determined on textiles (treated with FUZE™ and untreated) at the beginning and again after approx. 24 hours. This makes it possible to see how strong the reduction in bacteria is with portance™ compared to standard sportswear.

> 99% batery reduction

24h test period

How much can you save?

With portance, it is no longer necessary to put sportswear straight into the washing machine after each use. We want to use innovative technology to show that there is an alternative to the fast-fashion marketing giants in the sports fashion world. Think about how much you as a consumer can contribute to sustainability!

We have calculated for you how much you can really save in a year with sports fashion from portance. Because sports fashion without odor means less washing, less energy and water consumption and more time for other things!

But how much are you actually saving?

+ 56 minutes

Get your valuable time back by spending less time on your laundry! We give you 56 minutes a week back for your demanding everyday life.

+ 6 days a year

56 minutes doesn't seem like much to you? That's a whole six days you now have per calendar year to do better things, like exercise!

- 30% Energy consumption

Less washing means less electricity consumption. With portance, you can reduce your energy consumption by 30% within a year.

- 27% Water consumption

Less washing also means less water consumption. Our sportswear saves you 27% of the average household's water consumption per year.