This is the share of the environmental impact of clothing that takes place at the consumer level. That is happening directly with you after you buy a garment. But we have great news: With our smart athletic wear, you have the opportunity to really make a difference here. It's simple: You have to wash our products much less & you can wear them much longer. You save time, water & electricity and generate less waste.


But how much do you actually save?

We have thought about and calculated how much water and energy you can save. Below you can read all about the impact and potential savings of our clothing compared to conventional sports fashion.


This is what our first 59 crowdfunding customers will save over the next twelve months

Our joint impact

6,137 wash loads

On average, our athletic wear saves you two wash loads per week. Instead of washing, you only have to air briefly, and your portance clothing is as fresh as from the machine.

300,665 litres

The water consumption of modern machines per wash cycle averages around 49 liters. If you now save two machines per week, that's a potential saving of 5,069 liters per year.

4,909 kWh

Conservatively calculated, a washing machine consumes about 0.8 kWh per 60° wash cycle on average. Calculated over the year, this means a savings potential of approx. 82 kWh with two machines per week.

Lebensdauer verlängern & Abfall reduzieren

According to the European Commission, washing, drying and ironing are the three most important factors that contribute to CO2 emissions during the use phase of your clothing.

Our Biotech Athletic Wear allows you to wear your sportswear longer between washes, so you need to wash and iron less. Plus, you'll save a lot of water, electricity, and of course, your valuable time!

Frequent washing is also the main reason why normal clothes wear out. With portance, your sportswear will remain in top quality over time, as the fibers are less affected by washing cycles. And as a positive side effect, you will also reduce (textile) waste as you are purchasing slow fashion made to last.

  • ➕ 56 Minutes

    Get your precious time back by doing less laundry! We give you back 56 minutes per week for your demanding everyday life.

  • ➕ 6 Days

    56 minutes doesn't seem like much to you? That's a whole six days you now have per calendar year to do better things, like exercise!

  • ➖ 30%

    "Putting sports fashion directly into the washing machine after every use is a thing of the past for us. We want to show with innovative & safe technology that there is an alternative to the fast fashion marketing giants in the sports fashion world. Think about how much you as a consumer can contribute to sustainability!"
  • ➖ 27%

    Less washing also means less water consumption. Our sports fashion saves you 27% of the average water consumption of a usual household per year.

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